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CEO Mrs. Tatyana Ke'Ausha

TKP EMPIRE, LLC is a mobile service (we travel to a location near you) in the Dallas - Fort Worth Metropolitan area and internationally! The TKP Empire's mission is to instill confidence, to promote internal and external growth, through choreography, writingdirecting, or producing services. The 4 services are utilized for Collegiate Audition Preparation, Dance & Cheer Lessons, Individualized Monologues, Private & Team Choreography, Church Programs, Film, Theatre, Youth Facilities, and more! Our focus is ordinary females and males, ages 3 and older. For all of our Diamonds (clients), TKP stands firmly on our motto: "creativity covered in confidence, knocks down barriers and unveils the diamond in the rough." Our logo, the wrecking ball and diamond, is not only a depiction of our motto, it also symbolizes the great impact, that can be experienced by working with TKP EMPIRE! As a means to fulfill the company's philanthropic efforts, TKP offers and awards scholarships to students, which coincides with our vision- "elevating all men and women through the arts."


TKP EMPIRE was founded by Mrs. Tatyana Ford on March 7, 2021. She obtained a Bachelors of Theatre Arts with a concentration in Acting, and minor in Business Administration from Howard University and a Masters of Business Administration with an emphasis in Management, from Texas Woman's University. She has attributed to over 20 years as a performer and professional within the industry. She's choreographed audition pieces for Debbie Allen Dance Academy 2023 Summer Intensive, resulting in her client being accepted into the program. Through Private training, she developed a first-time majorette dancer, resulting in her client landing a position on Alabama State University's "Honey Beez" ~ HBCU Dance Team. She's written individualized monologues for actors in London, United Kingdom and Dublin, Ireland. She's also worked in production at the John F. Kennedy Center, coached little league cheer and dance for more than 8 years, been recognized for choreography and performance by celebrity artists, functioned as Producer, Assistant Director, Choreographer, Stage Manager, Focus Puller, and/ or Writer, for several short films, theatre, feature films and more! She is known for instilling CONFIDENCE and promoting Growth!


She always thanks her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, her family and friends, and lives by Philippians 4:13:

I can do all things through Christ, which strengthens me.


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